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"Your Take On Cake" Decorating Contest

2004 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner
Jeanne Williamson
Albemarle, NC
Cake Title: Baby Diaper Bag


“Your Take on Cake” Decorating Contest: Winners for All Occasions…

Kid Birthdays Category

Marble Falls, TX
Created by Pat Fry, based on a design by Michelle Pack
Cake Title: Dora the Explorer

RUNNER UP: Kimberly Kurtenbach
Springfield, IL
Cake Title: Enchantment Under the Sea

Adult Birthdays Category

WINNER: Denise Kervin
Calgary, AB
Cake Title: Dressed in Pink & White Paper

RUNNER UP: Amy Prisock
Starkville, MS
Cake Title: The Wild Opossum

Baby/Wedding Showers Category

WINNER: Chanie Levy
Spring Valley, NY
Cake Title: Baby Gift Box

RUNNER UP: Linda Sutter
St. Paul, MN
Cake Title: English Garden Bridal Tea Cake

Holidays Category

WINNER: Elizabeth Draper
Hanover, NH
Cake Title: Haunted Halloween House

RUNNER UP: Sally Kisch
Salisbury, MD
Cake Title: Happy Mother's Day

Other Occasions Category

WINNER: Janice Bell
Midlothian, VA
Cake Title: Garden Cake

RUNNER UP: Kim Moretta
Cheektowaga, NY
Cake Title: Wine Jug