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Wilton Castle Decorating Contest!

Contest Winners

Rae Ann R. (Largo, FL)
Little Mermaid Under The Sea Castle

Nicole K. (Harshaw, WI)
Castle de la Kriesel

Liz Elena V. (Lutz, FL)
Dracula's Castle

Kristin S. (Oxnard, CA)
Nuttkin's Castle

Megumi I. (Salem, OR)
Santa's Elven Castle

Amber S. (Kingston, NY)
Island Paradise Castle

Meredith D. (Exeter, PA)
Gamer's Delight Castle

Jennifer O. (Waukesha, WI)
The House That Peter Built

Michelle A. (Oxnard, CA)
Sweet Water Castle

Linda G. (chatham, ON)
King of the Jungle

Sylvia H. (plano, TX)
Fire Rescue Circus Fun

Kathy G. (Alpharetta/Milton, GA)
The castle of Groningen