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Wilton Method Class Resource Center

Welcome to your online course companion! We’re here to help you get the most out of your Wilton Method Course. Use the Resource Center to review techniques, pick up tips from instructors and remind you what you need to bring to your next class. You’ll also find exciting cake designs which let you show off your new decorating skills. There’s even a lively message board—you’re going to love chatting about your course experiences with other Wilton Method students! Find your Course below and start exploring.

Course 1: Building Buttercream Skills

Building Buttercream Skills

We’ll get you off to a successful start for a lifetime of decorating fun! The answers you need when you’re away from class are here--techniques, recipes, course cake instructions and more.

Go to the Course 1: Decorating Basics Course Resource Center

Course 2: Flowers and cake design

Flowers and Cake Design

The challenges of decorating beautiful icing flowers are far exceeded by the rewards! Use the information and advice here to help you master flower-making as you practice at home.

Go to the Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design Course Resource Center

Course 3: Fondant and Gum Paste

Gum Paste and Fondant

Explore the exciting decorations you can make with these shapeable icings and discover great cake designs that put the spotlight on your skills! Our experts offer valuable hints on working with gum paste and fondant to help make decorating a breeze.

Go to the Course 3: Fondant and Gum Paste Course Resource Center

Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

Discover one of the most breathtaking ways to decorate a cake—with realistic-looking gum paste flowers. You'll be amazed at the artistic quality you can achieve as you craft Gerbera daisies, briar roses, Stargazer lilies and more.

Go to the Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers Course Resource Center