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Advanced Sugar Artistry with Laurie Bradach

Class Description:

Formerly Advanced Pulled Sugar

Laurie will concentrate on perfecting the skills learned in Introduction to Sugar Artistry, but beginning students are welcome. Artistic balance, harmony, proportion and themes will be emphasized as they relate to contemporary cake design. Instruction will include spun sugar, piped sugar, straw sugar, bubble sugar, flowers, bows, ribbons and blown sugar bubbles. All techniques are demonstrated step by step, then created by each student under Laurie's supervision. The final project will be a 2-tiered fondant cake utilizing advanced sugar techniques for the student to take home. Note: Schedule may vary due to humidity or other factors.Students must be at least 18 years old to participate in this class.

No sessions are available at this time.


Day 1

  • Sugar work basics: pulled flowers and leaves, ribbons and bows

Day 2

  • Spun sugar cages, bubble sugar, molded sugar, piped sugar

Day 3

  • Blown sugar, bubbles and shaped pieces, straw sugar

Day 4

  • Assemble and decorate cake