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Instructors Wanted

General Information

Here is some general information for anyone interested in teaching Wilton Method classes at a local retail store:

  • Wilton Method Instructors (WMIs) are independent contractors who have demonstrated a proficiency in the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating. Instructors work for Wilton retailers in their area teaching the Wilton Method. WMIs are not employees of Wilton Enterprises. Wilton facilitates the match-up of WMIs to its retail partners.

  • We welcome Spanish speaking instructors, but you must be able to communicate in English even if you are looking to teach only in Spanish. The management and employees of our retail partners, as well as the Wilton support staff, are not fluent in Spanish. Thus, Wilton Method Instructors must be able to communicate clearly in English.

    Damos la bienvenida a instructores que hablen español, pero usted debe poder comunicarse en inglés aunque vaya a enseñar unicamente en español. La administración y los empleados de nuestros socios de venta, al igual que el personal de apoyo de Wilton, no dominan el Español. Es por esa razon que todos los Instructores del Método de Wilton deben ser capaces de comunicarse claramente en Ingles.

  • You must have basic cake decorating skills and experience decorating cakes for family and friends. If you need to take a cake decorating class, use our Class Locator to find a class near you.

  • Special Note regarding "Certification" Wilton does not provide "certification" for Instructors or cake decorators. "Certification" implies a process for assessing and enforcing standards of performance. We are not set up to provide that kind of service, because Wilton Method Instructors are not employed by Wilton Industries, Inc.

  • Our retail partners are looking for enthusiastic, take-charge people with a talent for teaching others. Check out the list of current openings.

  • Please fill out an Online Screening Form if you are interested in teaching "The Wilton Method" at a retail store in your area.

  • If you have more questions about becoming a Wilton Method Instructor, review the information on this web site or call 1-800-772-7111 ext. 2812 to request more information.

If you have other comments, questions, or concerns, please email Please be sure to give your name, mailing address and phone number (include area code), the time zone you reside in, and the best time to contact you.