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Enter The Wilton Mother's Day Contest

Mothers Day

Celebrate the kind of love that only moms can deliver by entering Wilton's Mother Day contest and you can win two of Wilton's Ultimate Decorating Sets (one for you and one for a special mom in your life) worth $199 each.

To enter the contest, just submit your fondest baking/decorating memories and traditions that involved a mom in your life. The contest ends on April 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM Central Time. View official contest rules.

The contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who shared their amazing memories and stories about Mom.

Gregory R. , La Marque, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

The best memories I have have to be at Christmas time. My parents go all out from decorating the house, yard and food. We bake for a few days non-stop but the best part is at the end after everything is clean up, in it's place we sit around and talk over cookies or cakes that we have made and how we should decorate them.....every year it bigger and better then the year before!

Justin, Payson, Utah - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My mother makes the tastiest cookies, chocolates, and candies. Every time we have a family get together, she makes a little of everything to try and it is always delicious. My favorite is her truffles. I dream about those all year long!

Cynthia, Urbandale, Iowa - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

After I moved out of my hometown, I would take time off around the holidays so my mother and I could have baking marathons making cookies and breads. It was a time for us to hang out together even though we didn't live near eachother anymore. We would plan for weeks. After the marathon was complete, we always took pictures of the mounds of baked goods we had accomplished!

Melissa, League City, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

Growing up in the south the best way to talk was always through food and cooking. My mom and I use to bake a lot. The best part was sitting at the table with all the cookies we had made and slowly decorating each one so it looked perfect. We now have one of the best relationships because of it!

Tina, Houston, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My mom has only really gotten into baking. I love coming home from school for a week or summer and there will always a be a big cook book sitting on the island with about 6-8 tabs sticking out of it. Each tab leads to an amazing and time consuming cookie. We do a cookie a night and just talk and laugh and catch up on each others lives. It means a lot to me knowing my mom doesn't bake very often or even like it.

Stephanie, Chandler, Arizona - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My favorite memories with my mom and grandmothers are cold days spent baking and decorating Christmas cookies. My mom is a Christmas fanatic and we make at least 10 varieties of Christmas cookies every year!

kris, Houston, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

The best memory I have is always being in the kitchen with my grandmother. We would laugh and smile and come up with some great ideas! This is why I went into culinary school and this is why i love to bake and work in this field!

joyce, greensburg, Pennsylvania - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I definitely remember remember decorating my first cake when I was 10. It was the rabbit head cut from 2 round layers. Coconut and jelly beans were everywhere! She didn't care if I overdid the jellybeans or if his ears were lopsided. She helped me to explore my creative side and since then I have become adept at quite a few things. Thanks Mom

Ryan, League City, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

The best memory I have come from baking with my all my nieces. The laughs and smiles and jokes I get are great! Not only have I had great bonding time with all of them before they get too old I now can ice a cake, make fondant and even come up with other ideas for baking.

Kristina, Woodbridge, Ontario - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I use to cook a lot in the kitchen with my mom and grandma so much that they sent me to cooking school for children. Every weekend for a few months I would go and I would come home and they would let me do it all over again for them! okay they helps with the big stuff but I was only 7 at the time!