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Enter The Wilton Mother's Day Contest

Mothers Day

Celebrate the kind of love that only moms can deliver by entering Wilton's Mother Day contest and you can win two of Wilton's Ultimate Decorating Sets (one for you and one for a special mom in your life) worth $199 each.

To enter the contest, just submit your fondest baking/decorating memories and traditions that involved a mom in your life. The contest ends on April 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM Central Time. View official contest rules.

The contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who shared their amazing memories and stories about Mom.

Jaci, Butler, Pennsylvania - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My mom was an amazing cake decorator and made wedding cakes on the side. I remember watching her, fascinated, as she made icing roses and set them on cookie sheets to dry. I wasn't allowed to eat them, but they were so tempting. When I was about six, Mom made a tray of blue roses for someone's wedding cake--and I ate the ENTIRE tray. I remember peeling the waxed paper off the back and plopping them into my mouth, quietly and quickly. I was sick that night--and Mom had to stay up late to make another tray of blue roses!

Ryan, League City, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I remember being little around 4 and smelling something totally yummy! I jumped out of my bed and ran over to the kitchen. My mom was baking for Easter and ask if I wanted to help. From then I have always being willing to help and sometimes even take over in the kitchen. My passion comes from my mom and everything I do is with love just like her :-)

Elaine, Mill Creek, Pennsylvania - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I remember taking home economics and then I use to do all the baking because I loved it so much and mom always let me do it because I did enjoy it! She was my guinea pig but never once did she tell me that something wasn't good. To this day I bake a lot and I'm never afraid to try new things and I owe that to my mother always encouraging me.

Nancy, Wellington, Florida - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I will always remember learning how to bake Hot Cross Buns for Easter with my grandmother. It was so much fun squeezing the icing out of the Wilton cone and making the crosses on the tops buns even though they didn't always come out straight. My grandmother had so much patience and a warm and wonderful role model.

Rebecca, Altoona, Pennsylvania - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

All of my baking memories are centered around my mother. When I was little, I would sit and wait in the kitchen when until she was done making her cake mixes because I was always offered the beater (which, of course, is the best part). As I grew older, she allowed me to help her bake many different things. From baking hundreds of dozens of cookies over the years to making many cakes, we are a baking team. She would come home from her classes with new designs and decorations to put on her cakes. I am lucky that she has passed down all of her tricks and talents to me. We have made wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, and different types of cookies for all different occasions. I enjoy baking with my mom. Right now, we are taking classes together to learn more things about cake decorating. You can never learn enough because there are so many new ideas. Hopefully, within the next few years, we can even open our own bakery

Kathy A, Seattle, Washington - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

Decorating cakes is still the best way I remember sharing time with my MoM. We learned how to make birthday cakes together so we could save money. I had six younger brothers and sisters and birthday cakes were very expensive then. Our first project began after school one day. She took all us kids to a new place, the cake decorating store I still shop at today. Neither of us had been there before. We were both fascinated. Together, we shopped in the store and kept track of the little kids outside. I was not made to stay in the car with the kids. I got to help her figure out what to buy so we could learn how to save money, together. In my first grown-up conversation with my MoM, I remember saying "No, look at the opening of that tip. It will make the writing to big. It won't look like the cakes we see in the bakery." I told her "No.", and she agreed with me! We picked the tip with the smaller opening. We guessed on the tip to make leaves. And, we, randomly chose a tip to make roses.

Debra, Newton, North Carolina - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

When my son was 1, my mom baked him a Ninja Turtle cake and together we painstakingly decorated that cake to look like his favorite Turtle..he was so happy and we had a lot of fun.

Nan, Harrington, Delaware - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I have always loved to bake which is a gift that was passed down from my mother. As I raised my daughter, I passed that gift on to her and now her children. I remember making hundreds of Christmas cookies with my daughter. It was a very special time. Now I have taken the Wilton Classes and my granddaughters are so excited. I love spending time with them sharing the different techniques I have learned. My youngest said we should open a bake shop together. She is 11. I have a feeling there is a future decorator in the family. One day I would love to have my own shop. Right now I am doing cakes at home. It would be a dream come true. Thank you for helping me to learn by having the classes.

Nathaniel, Clifton Park, New York - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My memories with my mom are that when she took the wilton class she would always come home with a different design on her cakes. I thought it was really neat so I asked her to teach me some of the things she learned. Since then we do lots of cake making together. We make cakes for my sisters and brother's birthdays. We have made a wedding cake for my cousin, many birthday and graduation cakes for neighbors and friends. Our biggest project was 180 mini cakes for a wedding. We have lots of fun coming up with interesting designs like a vegetable garden, princess themes, board game, and my most favorite is when we decorated a cake as a kitchen complete with cabinets, stove, tile floor, lots of veggies and rolls and things sitting on a counter. We also like to come up with fun cake and filling flavors. I really enjoy baking with my mom. We have learned a lot together. Someday I hope to go to culinary school and maybe even open a bakery together.

Kristina, Woodbridge, Ontario - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I love mickey mouse. I totally have had a crush on that mouse for years! Well when I was about 8 my mom bought me a Mickey Mouse cookbook and they had all these recipes from the hotels and theme parks. The first one we did together was the chocolate chip cookies. My mom let me do most of the work, and she just sat across from me talking, and asking questions. We pretended we were on a cooking show and I was the Chef. From there on out every time I wanted to cook, she sat across from me and we were on a tv show. I know do that with my nieces and they get a kick out of it.