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Enter The Wilton Mother's Day Contest

Mothers Day

Celebrate the kind of love that only moms can deliver by entering Wilton's Mother Day contest and you can win two of Wilton's Ultimate Decorating Sets (one for you and one for a special mom in your life) worth $199 each.

To enter the contest, just submit your fondest baking/decorating memories and traditions that involved a mom in your life. The contest ends on April 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM Central Time. View official contest rules.

The contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who shared their amazing memories and stories about Mom.

Marivel, mcallen, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I can remember when my Mom taught me how to make a 3 Leches cake. She told me the ingredients and exactly how to make the bread taste soft and not mushy. When I am asked or when I make this cake for friends and bake sales everyone has wonderful things to say. I always tell them it is my Mom's receipe and only her and I have it . So that cake is priceless to me. My mother means the world to me and that will never change. She is always there for me no matter what. My mother has taught me to be a strong woman and passed down to me what I believe the creativity of cake baking.

Chandra, Princeton, Indiana - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My memory would be being younger watching my mom always decorating cakes and cookies for holidays and school functions. it was always fun when she let me help make the colored icings and teaching me the different decorating techniques. My Mom always thinks about everyone else and she deserves something for her. My love for baking and decorating came from years of watching her.

MARIVEL, MCALLEN, Texas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

Several years ago when I was around 10 or 12 years old. I went with my Mom to a cake decorating class. I remember that day because my mother was learning how to make roses with frosting. I was given the opportunity to experiment with the left over frosting. I was so happy that I got to do something so great with my mom. Now that I am older, I still try to decorate cakes I dont do it very well but I put my heart into every design I make. I hope to some day take the cake decorating classes so that I can teach others and some day my kids how to decorate cakes and cookies. I truly believe my mother is the greatest. Coming from a family of 7 kids she always made time for all of us.

Margarita, Phoenix, Arizona - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

When I was a little girl, I remeber my mom baking everything from scratch. I didn't understand why we couldn't make things out of a box like everyone else. Now I realize that her baking was way better from scratch than from a box because her goodies were made with love. The smell is unforgettable. Everytime my kids & I go to my Mom's house they can always tell which ones are grandma's cookies. I love it!!

jean, indianapolis, Indiana - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My grandmother was a wonderful cook and baker. I remember going there and everything always tasted so much better at grandmothers'. She would make broken cup custard and always had several in the refrigerator for company. Everyone loved her pies. Her crusts were magic and the fillings, impossibly delicious. My Aunts are great piebakers and one of my sisters and one of my brothers are experts at pie making. I have never gotten the hang of making pies although my sister and brother assure me that I must have the pie gene. I hope I do.

Kristen , Milltown, New Jersey - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

My favorite decorating memory with my mom occurred when I was in Brownies when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I remember decorating cookies with her at one of the Brownie meetings we had and I had such a great time decorating the cookies with her. I think we were using cinnamon pieces to decorate the cookies and it was so much to fun to see what the finished cookie decoration would look like. I also remember occasionally decorating ginger bread houses with her and I liked decorating the ginger bread houses with her more than the cookies because my mom was very skilled at decorating ginger bread houses when she was younger.

Erica, Elkins, Arkansas - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

When we were little we always looked forward to rainy days because my mom would want us to help her bake cookies. We always wanted peanut butter cookies and she would let us mess up the entire kitchen .There would be flour and sugar everywhere but they are great memories and ones that I hope to pass on to my own children.

Mariah, San Diego, California - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

When I was a little girl every Easter my mom would help me and my big sister make a bunny cake. We would make 2 9-inch rounds and use one for the face and then cut the other into 2 bunny ears and a bow-tie. She would let us cover the cake with white icing...I'm sure we ate as much as we put on the cake. Next we covered the entire cake with coconut shavings to make the fur. The fun part was using food coloring to make pink coconut fur for the inside of the ears. Then red coconut for the bow-tie and green coconut for "grass" to add as a boarder. Our hands were always covered in food coloring...making a mess is half the fun. :) The finishing touches were jelly beans for eyes and nose and shoe-string licorice for the mouth and whiskers. The cake was always adorable and DELICIOUS! Not to mention it was always a great time spent with my mom and sister. This year I started the bunny cake tradition with my daughter. I look forward to making making it every year.

Linda, Lansdale, Pennsylvania - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

I have so many fond memories of baking with my mother and grandma growing up. The recipes were made from scratch - the cakes and cookies. My favorite were choc cake and banana cake! I still bake many decorated Bday cakes today for my daughter and son and now my grandkids. I hope they will have the same fond memories when they grow up and bake for their own kids and grandkids.

Rebecca, Cheshire, Connecticut - posted on 4/30/11 Report Violation

A favorite baking and decoration tradition involving my Mother would have to be her Birthday cakes. The closer my Birthday got the more anxious I was. She would soon ask me what dream she could bring to life in cake form! Her cakes forced you to relive the anticipation and excitement of Christmas morning, since you just couldn’t wait to see what she created for you! The cakes were always MORE than you expected and BETTER than you could have ever dreamed! The cakes always taste just as good as they look since you can taste the sweetness that results from a true labor of love! A Birthday cake is a tradition by itself but she made it special by including me in the process. By doing so she encouraged me to use my imagination and to dream big. She engraved the moment, made the memory extra special, and involved me, taught me, and instilled in me what any great Mother would—How to turn something part of an ordinary occasion, into something extraordinary, by turning it into a tradition.