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Party Hints

What makes a great first birthday celebration? A bright and colorful theme. Fun kid activities. Happy adult guests (this includes mom and dad). And that special first birthday cake! Tell us how you did it.

Sharon, taylor, Texas - posted on 9/7/13 Report Violation

Pulvrizing Splenda with a food processor makes it easier to use in frostings. Makes all the difference.

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amy, newark, Ohio - posted on 10/21/10 Report Violation

did you use a cookie cutter? i am having trouble finding one and wondered if there was another way to make the number 1 cookie.

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Millisha , Johannesburg, British Columbia - posted on 7/23/10 Report Violation

I am having a lady bug themed party for my daughter`s 1st birthday, for centre pieces I fill mini fish bowls with water and add a little red food colour to it, then on the outer part of the bowl/jars I add black dot stickers and the jar looks like th…

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Wilton, Woodridge, Illinois - posted on 7/13/09 Report Violation

To hold a Winnie the Pooh party, turn your house or yard into the “Hundred Acre Wood.” Create child sized cardboard “trees”, green carpeting for grass and a large “One Hundred Acres” sign. Use a red-checkered tablecloth to emphasize the “picnic” atm…

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Wilton, Woodridge, Illinois - posted on 6/24/09 Report Violation

Create a batch of Duck Pond Punch at the next Rubber Ducky Party. Simply float a bunch of rubber duckies in a bowl of blue Kool-Aid and have party goers select one. If they select one with a star on the bottom – they win a prize.

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Kristy, Dover, Delaware - posted on 6/29/09 Report Violation

I love this idea. Also, you could use blue gatorade (my daughter's favorite).

Wilton, Woodridge, Illinois - posted on 6/23/09 Report Violation

Have a Rubber Ducky themed party; make individual bath-time party favors for each person in attendance. Fill a pail with a bottle of bubble bath, a sponge, bath paint and of course, a rubber ducky.

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Cheri, Santa Barbara, California - posted on 6/11/09 Report Violation

For my daughter's first birthday this August, I plan on making cake pops, instead of giving her little friends a heaping piece of cake on a plate. I'm going to give them a nice little portion on a lollipop stick that can be removed, and eaten in a c…

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Julie, Conover, North Carolina - posted on 6/11/09 Report Violation

For my daughter's first birthday, we had the party in the park so I made a butterfly and a ladybug. The cakes were really cute. And for my son I made a Teddy Bear with a 1 on the shirt. They love looking at the pictures of their cakes, every year the…

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Maile, Seattle, Washington - posted on 6/11/09 Report Violation

Everyone seems to do cupcakes for first birthdays so I thought using the giant cupcake pan would be a fun change and make a statement. I had lots of fun decorating it and, a year later, people are still talking about it! Check out the cake here: http…

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Courtney, San Antonio, Texas - posted on 6/11/09 Report Violation

It's an ongoing family tradition going back generations that the birthday child always get's their own cake for the first birthday. Typically this is the first cake the child will have ever had so it makes it even more special. The cakes are made s…

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