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Melting More Than 1 Candy Color

When your candy project requires multiple candy colors all at the same time, it’s not a problem with the Wilton Melting Cups and Bowls.

Discover our Stay-Warm Ceramic Candy Melting Bowls and Cups. Ceramic keeps candy melted longer for easier candy-making because the microwave-safe ceramic retains heat. It’s also great for heating and pouring dessert toppings, too.

Candy Melting Cups

Candy Melting Cups are great for melting colors separately. Use them as an art palette for painting colors. They hold heat for up to ½ hour. The set includes 6 cups and 6 decorating brushes.

Candy Melting Bowls

Candy Melting Bowls are ideal for filling all types of Wilton molds. Take them to the table for easy dipping and pouring. The set of two bowls holds heat for up to 1 hour.

Candy Melting Plate

The Candy Melting Plate allows you to microwave-melt up to 11 Candy Melts® colors at one time for less mess! This is great if you are using several colors to paint details in your candy molds.

Warming Tray

Place different colors of Candy Melts in oven-safe glass bowls or custard cups. Position bowls on tray on a low to medium setting, stir while melting. Left on the low setting, the tray will keep your assorted Candy Melts colors at the ideal melted texture while you are molding.