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Combination Pillar & Stacked Construction

Use any combination of dowel rods, boards, separator plates and pillars. You may also use push-in pillars, which eliminate the need for dowel rods and a plate or board to support the pillars.

Step 1

Mark all tiers for dowel rod placement using a separator plate (for pillar tiers) or a cake circle (for stacked tiers) the same size as the tier above. Insert dowel rods. The key to success is inserting dowel rods accurately at every level for support.

Step 2

Position the tier which will be on pillars on a plate 2 in. larger in diameter. The two separator plates which will connect the pillars should be the same diameter.

Step 3

Starting at the bottom level, stack tiers.

Step 4

Position the separator plate (feet up) that will support the tier on pillars.

Step 5

Position pillars over feet.

Step 6

Carefully position the plated tier on the pillars.

If using Push-In Pillars,ice cakes on cake circles.