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Globe Pillar Set Construction

These elegant pearl-look globes are available in separate sets of four 2 in., 2 1/2 in. or 3 in. globes. The 3 in. globes are to be used to support the base cake only. They have a reinforced center channel which eliminates the need for pillars. The 2 and 2 1/2 in. sets should be used with 9 in. "Hidden" Pillars (included in set); do not use these sets to support the base cake. Your cake design may use a base board instead of the 3 in. globes to support the base cake as shown below.

Step 1

Position separator plate holding base cake on 3 in. Globe Base Set or a thick base board. Using the separator plate which will hold the cake above, mark base cake for pillar placement (see Push-in Pillar Construction ). Lift plate away.

Step 2

Insert pillars through cake centered over marked area to rest on its separator plate or base board. Place the correct size globe (2 1/2 in. for cake shown here) over the pillars. Mark pillars where they extend above globes. The cut pillars should be equal to the height of the base cake plus the height of each globe.

Step 3

Trim pillars at markings with craft knife or serrated edge knife.

Step 4

Insert pillars in base cake. Position globes over pillars.

Step 5

Position the tier above on globes.

Step 6

Add additional sets for more tiers.