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Fountain Tiered Cake

The brilliance of gently illuminated falling water turns a wedding cake into a spectacular display. The Wilton Kolor-Flo Fountain, easily complements different cake designs in any number of ways--simple planning and careful preparation make this possible! Assemble the fountain following package directions. It is a good idea to test the fountain before the reception to be certain the water is flowing properly. Be sure the display planned for the fountain will accommodate the height and width of the fountain. Measuring and assembling plates and pillars with the fountain ahead of time will prevent any unpleasant surprises at the reception if the fountain does not fit.

Step 1

Position Flower Holder Ring and Fountain on plate.

Step 2

Assemble pillars and additional base plate. Use 14 in. or larger plates; 13 in. or taller pillars for the tallest cascade.

Step 3

Assemble cakes.