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building tiered cakes

Don’t let the prospect of building a towering group of tiered cakes intimidate you. Even the more involved methods of how to make tiered cakes, such as Combination Pillar & Stacked Construction, can be done in a few simple steps. These methods for building tiered cakes are time-tested—they’ve been used by Wilton decorators for generations, and you will succeed with them as well.

tiered cake stand construction

Tiered cake stand construction

The easiest and safest method for making a tiered cake, because cakes are positioned on plates which fit right into the stand.

towering tiers stand construction

Towering Tiers Stand Constructions

Final cake assembly should be done at the cake's final location. Moving the cake once assembled is not recommended. Do not cut cakes directly on the stand; remove first from the stand.

using dowel rods in tiered cake designs

Using dowel rods in tiered cake

Dowel rods perform a simple, absolutely necessary function in making a tiered cake. Inserted into the lower tiers of a cake, they bear the weight of the cake tiers above.

combination pillar and stacked tiered cake construction

Combination pillar and stacked tiered cake construction

Use any combination of dowel rods, boards or separator plates and pillars for making a tiered cake.

constructing tiered cakes with fountain set-up, pillars and flower holder

Fountain tiered cake set-up with pillars and flower holder

A fountain easily complements a wide variety of tiered cake designs.

separator plate and pillar tiered cake construction

Separator plate and pillar tiered cake construction

The most dramatic method of assembly for tiered cakes—two, three or more single cakes towered together.

using hidden pillars in tiered cakes

Hidden pillars for tiered cakes

An impressive look while maintaining strength and support for your masterpiece.

global pillar set for tiered cakes

Global pillar set for tiered cakes

With the Globe Pillar Set, cake separators become an integral part of your tiered cake design.

stacked construction for tiered cakes

Stacked construction for tiered cakes

Stacking is the most architectural method of tiered cake construction.

cake stacking construction system

Cake Stacking Construction System

This system allows you to build your cake from the bottom tier up for a more secure construction.

center column construction for tiered cakes

Center column construction for tiered cakes

Making a tiered cake is quick and easy with 5 twist-apart columns with one bottom and one top bolt.

push-in pillar construction for tiered cakes

Push-in pillar construction for tiered cakes

Use any type of Push-In Pillars and Plates for tiered cakes. Simple assembly—no dowel rods needed!

fluted bowl set for tiered cakes

Fluted bowl set for tiered cakes

The Fluted Bowl Set features a see-through separator that opens up new options for accessorizing your tiered cake.

cakes with tailored tiers

Tiered cakes with tailored tiers

Featuring fabric-wrapped separators, add some texture to tiered cakes with tailored tiers.

spiral separator set for tiered cakes

Spiral separator set for tiered cakes

Add an elegant touch to tiered cakes with spiral separator sets – securely held in place by smooth-edge plates spiked to fit inside top and bottom rings.

tiered cakes with stairways

Tiered cakes with stairways

With the use of dowel rods, stairways for your tiered cake are simple to make with or without a bridge.

alternate 2-plate set-ups

Tiered cakes with stairways

Alternate 2-Plate Set-Ups Wilton wire separator sets are an easy way to add the drama of height to your cake design.