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how to make a cake

When baking cakes, think of your cake as the canvas on which you will create beautiful icing decorations. To achieve the masterpiece you want, it is essential that your canvas be smooth and free of crumbs. Using these cake making steps to prepare and ice your cake will result in a perfectly smooth decorating surface for your work of art.

baking cakes

Baking cakes & cake pan preparation

Here’s a handy guide on how to make a cake using our most popular pan shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make a birthday cake, be sure to check out the guide below on baking 3-d bear cakes.

torting and filling cake making methods

Learn to use the torting method in cake making

The torting method in cake making adds extra height, drama and taste to the cake when the layers are filled with icing, pudding or fruit filling.

tiered cakes serving amounts

Get serving amounts for baking tiered cakes

When baking tiered cakes, use our diagrams to find the ideal tiered construction to serve your guest list.

baking time and batter amounts

Baking times & batter sizes for cake making

The right baking times and batter amounts are an essential part of learning how to make a cake. Follow the guide below for baking wedding cakes or birthday cakes.

choosing a cake size

Choose the right size when baking cakes

Get helpful tips on choosing a cake size or learn how to make a cake look larger without increasing serving sizes.