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cake transport & cake display

You’ve decorated the cake to perfection, taking the time to get every detail right. But decorating is just half the battle. You want to be sure to store the cake and transport it to the event so that it arrives looking as beautiful as it was when it left your decorating area. Once the cake is at the celebration site, you will want to display it at its best, using cake display stands and other cake display ideas that enhance the look and provide support you can count on. Take the advice of Wilton decorating experts on cake display, cake transport and cake storage. We'll show you how to take good care of your finished cake, so you have fewer worries on the celebration day.

cake display stands

If you own a well-designed cake stand, you'll always have a focal point for the party. Here are some cake display ideas to consider when choosing your stand.

cake transport

Learn techniques for correct cake transport

Following some simple cake transport guidelines ensures that your cake will arrive safely—whether you are traveling hundreds of miles or just a few.

storing cakes

How to correctly store a cake to keep it fresh

Most people don't go directly from decorating to celebrating. See how to store cakes properly before transporting, paying special attention to light, temperature and the type of icing used.

store top tier of wedding cake

Great suggestions for storing the top tier of your cake

One year later, the wedding day memories remain fresh—your cake will taste fresh too, if you follow our suggestions for storing the top tier.

cake transport carriers and boxes

Carriers and boxes to safely transport a cake

A convenient cake carrier delivers your masterpiece in style. Look for a few key features before purchasing and you’ll find that a carrier to transport a cake is a great investment.