How to Make a Giant Cupcake

December 15th, 2010 by Angie Thayer

Bigger is always better, especially with desserts! Wilton offers a Giant Cupcake Pan that makes a cake you can use for any celebration…Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas and many more. This oversized dessert is not only easy to create, but makes a lasting impression among family, friends and guests.

Begin by preparing the pan with Wilton’s Bake Easy™ Non-Stick Pan Spray, Wilton Cake Release, or shortening and flour. Make sure both cavities of the pan are completely greased to prevent the cake from sticking.

Giant Cupcake Pan Now for the cake, a denser cake works best. You can use your favorite homemade pound cake recipe or the pound cake recipe found on the side of a box mix. Six cups of batter are needed to fill the two cavities. If using a box mix you will need two boxes. For a little sweetness and fun, mix in nonpareils or sprinkles to the batter. Or, to make a dramatic effect, add some icing color to the batter. What a surprise your loved ones will have when you cut the cake and it is red to celebrate Christmas or Valentine’s Day!

Once your batter is ready, fill the cone shaped cavity (which will be the top part of your cake) with 2 ½ cups of batter and 3 ½ cups into the other cavity (which will be the bottom part of cake).

Place your cake in a preheated 325?F oven. To insure an evenly baked cake, make sure the appropriate amount of batter is used (no more or no less) and turn the pan around halfway through baking. Bake for approximately 1 hour or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool in pan for 15 minutes and then remove from pan and cool completely on a cooling grid. If the pan has been greased appropriately, the cake will come out with no trouble.

Once the cake is completely cooled, you will need to level the two sides of the cake (top part of the bottom cake and bottom part of the top cake) so the pieces fit together properly. This can be done two ways: free hand or by using the pan as a guide where you put the cake back into the pan, place your knife as close to the pan as you can get and slice across the cake.

I’m all about being economical so don’t throw away the leftover cake! It can be used in parfaits or topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

After the layers are leveled, add a thin layer of icing on the top part of the bottom half of the cake. This acts as an adhesive that holds the two pieces in place. Stack the top cake on top of the bottom piece. Feel free to trim any excess cake off.

Giant Cupcake PanAs an alternative, you could flip the bottom half of the cake over so it is upside down (prior to attaching the top layer) to make a fantasy fairy house or dog house.

Decorate with icing, sprinkles, icing decorations or fondant according to the theme of your party, event or celebration. Not only is this 3-D giant cupcake perfect for the whole party to share, it can be a great centerpiece!

For more on using the Giant Cupcake Pan, please watch my video below, and if you need additional inspiration, you can browse our collection of Giant Cupcake treat ideas.

Angie Thayer Angie is a registered dietitian and has been the Food and Regulatory Specialist for Wilton Brands for the past 4 years. She wears many hats in this role – regulatory, PR, customer service and inventory to name a few. While wearing her PR hat, you may have seen her on local Chicago news stations where she is the guest chef. In Angie’s words, “I never have the same day twice and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the people and the atmosphere at Wilton – who couldn’t when it’s always about celebrating.” In her spare time, Angie enjoys traveling to Europe, Mexico and around the US with her husband.

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  1. I love that pan! Every time I use it it is a HUGE hit! I LOVE that barn idea! So cute!

  2. Nancy Hart says:

    What is the best way to cut a giant cupcake?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Cutting a larger 3D cake is not too much different than cutting a multi-tier wedding or party cake. You start at the top and cut a “layer” horizontally across, place it to the side where you cut small individual servings. You work your way down the cake in this manner to the bottom. Another option is to completely remove the top part of the cake from the bottom and slice it into individual pieces. Followed by cutting the bottom part of the cake into pieces.

    • lizzy says:

      get a sharp knife then get a ruler then measure it out and then if you have got a giant cupcake base you put the cup cake in you should get a nice straight line i hope i have helped you out please could you reply back to tell me if it worked or not because when i did it with my kids it worked out really well when i cut it with the sharp knife

  3. Kris Ross says:

    I have this set and have made it several times…its just alot
    of CAKE….so I try to “bury” a hole and fill with jello, etc.
    any idea you all have?
    I also see the new cupcake plunger at Bed Bath and Beyond
    and I will try that next time…making several holes to fill….

    • Angie Thayer says:

      If you are going to ice both the bottom and top halves of the cake you could cut horizontal layers (just as if you were making a tiered cake) and add filling between the layers. The layers would be covered by the icing on the outside of the cake. By doing this you could add any type of filling – fruit filling, mousse, icing.

  4. marta says:

    me encanto muchisimo, precioso me gustaria cojer las clases,

  5. Janet Sprute says:

    I have the giant cupcake pan and have only used it once. My problem was the top portion was done and overbaked while the bottom portion was done appropriately. These two parts of the pan are so different in size that they could not ever be done at the same time. Have you an idea how to deal with this situation? I didn’t think of that when I bought the pan. It’s a cute idea , but I didn’t find it practical. I used one of my recipes for the cake, not a mix.

    • Pour your batter into the bottom ONLY and bake for about 10 – 15 minutes, then pour into the top portion and bake for the remainder of your time. It will come out perfectly! Oh and place it in the oven with the top portion facing the oven door as it is cooler there. :0)

    • Angie Thayer says:

      It is very important that the appropriate amount of batter is used (no more or no less). The cone shaped part of the pan requires 2 1/2 cups of batter and the bottom part of the pan requires 3 1/2 cups. I always measure the batter amounts versus doing a visual test. Another tip is to turn the pan around halfway through baking.

      On a side note, if you have leftover batter make a few mini cupcakes and set them around the Giant cupcake.

      • Louise says:

        The instructions with the pan say 4 1/2 cups of batter into the top and the remainder into the bottom???

        • Angie Thayer says:

          I’m very sorry about the confusion. The label with the pan is incorrect. We didn’t catch it until the artwork was printed so we are correcting it for the next round of artwork. When making the cake please continue to follow the instructions with this blog which is to put 2 1/2 cups of batter in the cone shape part of the pan and 3 1/2 cups of batter in the part of the pan that will be your bottom when baked.

  6. I have made this twice, I overcame the problem with the top overbaking by covering it with a double layer of parchment. The problem I have is that once baked and frosted I have not got a container tall enough to store it…

    • Christine Pollak says:

      Late in the conversation, but to store a cake that is too tall for a traditional cake container I used inverted rubbermaid containers of various sizes. Works great!

  7. Sharon says:

    Would the WASC cake recipe work with this pan or is it only for pound cake? Thank you in advance…Love your video, it will be a great help when I do my first cake in my new pan.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Unfortunately, we haven’t tried the WASC cake recipe in the pan so I don’t know if it will work. What I do know is that a denser type of cake like pound cake works best. However, baking is all about experimenting and you may have found the next best idea if it does work! (Or, at least your friends and family will love you for it).

      Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

  8. Lenita Ribeiro says:

    Parabéns Angie, parabéns Wilton. Estou super feliz com minha forma de cupcake gigante, que comprei aqui no Brasil. Faço esse bolo constantemente e é só sucesso . Muito obrigada. Lenita

  9. Monica says:

    I’ve made several cakes with this pan and it seems to work just fine. I usually cover the top part loosely with foil to avoid overbaking while the bottom part is still baking. I made a giant cupcake cake for my kid’s teachers for their teacher’s gift at Christmas – the teachers loved it! I’d love to see some more decorating ideas for the giant cupcake.

  10. inkie lotter says:

    my daugther in U.K. bought me the big cupcake pan as a gift as I cannot get one here in South Africa. Looking foreward to try my one out which is due to arrive here whithin the next 7 days. Who is surpose to be your agent in South Africa? I have my own bakery for the last 34 years and will gladley be your agent.

  11. Laurie says:

    I have made these on several occasions…both for my family get togethers and for an office retirement party. Received rave reviews from everyone everytime I did one. For mine, I did it in just a plain chocolate cake mix and only filled the bottom portion of the pan about 2/3 or so full. It tops off nicely while baking and I can cut the top 1/3 off, fill it, and then recap it. I found a recipe for creme filling and the cake ended up tasting just about like a Hostess cupcake. Hope this gives you some other ideas to use.

    • Donna Boyle says:

      Hi Laurie..I am posting this almost 4 years after your post, but if you do get this…can you share the recipe for the creme filling please?
      Thank you
      Donna :)

  12. Belgica Pelliere Salazar says:

    excelente, la idea me gusto siempre he pensado como se sostenia pero viendo este video me ayuda bastante, el dia de mañana lo pondre en practica ya que uno de mis hijos cumplira años el dia 21 y es una buena idea para sorprender a los invitados. los felicito. chao

  13. chrisey says:

    I really want to make the barn and animals cupcakes for my sons birthday, but I can’t seem to find a book or website that gives me some direction, I’ve been baking for years it’s the decorating I need help with! I’d rather not use fondant. I’m about to move on to another birthday party theme, please help!!

  14. Angie Thayer says:

    Here is a link from with directions on how to make the barn and “cupcake critters” that are shown above in the blog: The “critters” do contain fondant heads, however, you could always use icing decs, candy made from candy molds or even easier, top the cupcake with some farm animal/accessory candles. Here is a link to some candles that would be perfect for your theme: I hope this helps and good luck!

  15. yoli says:

    How many people would the Wilton Giant Cupcake feed?

  16. Sara says:

    I LOVE that Christmas cake! So so cute. So what’s the benefit to using this kind of pan versus one of the silicone pans like the Big Top Cupcake pan? I imagine it would be sturdier and easier to put in and out of the oven… what about the cooking time?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I really like the cast iron option versus the silicone for this type of application for many reasons. It has extra-thick construction with a premium non-stick surface for easy release and cleanup. The cast iron helps give the exceptional detail from the pan onto the product. And, what’s best of all is it’s lifetime guarantee.

      I have used this pan so many times for family and friends and it always comes out perfect. Just remember to use 2 1/2 cups of batter in the top half of the pan and 3 1/2 cups in the bottom half. Bake at 325 degrees for about an hour or until a toothpick comes out clean.

  17. Elvira says:

    It would be great to add a lamb cake pan to my collection of cake pans. They are so pretty that I even use them as decoration in my kitchen. Decorating a lamb cake would be great!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You might be in luck! There is an opportunity to win a Lamb Cake Pan if you enter a comment under Wilton’s newest blog discussing the traditional lamb cake ( Just make sure you enter before Wednesday, April 6 at 11:59 pm CST. You can also find some great decorating ideas for a lamb cake if you go to and search for “lamb cake” ( Good luck!

      • Betty Burrell says:

        I wonder if I would be able 2 make a spongebob squarepants gaint cupcake 4 my son’s birthday??? What do you think Angie???

        • Angie Thayer says:

          I’m sorry I didn’t respond back immediately but I’ve been brainstorming on how to make SpongeBob out of the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan. I didn’t come up with an idea because I am afraid the shape of the cupake pan is too round for SpongeBob since he is so “square”. However, Wilton does have a variety of SpongeBob cake and treat ideas using a shaped SpongeBob pan. Here is a link to some ideas: Good luck and I’d love to see your end result!

  18. Betty Burrell says:

    I love this cupcake i’m making one 4 my mom’s birthday, and my son loved helping me make it. my mom saw it and she loved it very much. whoever made ta gaint cupcake, i want 2 thank you, because it’s something that the whole FAMILY can do together, and then enjoy eating it together. i love it so very much. thanks again 2 whoever made ta gaint cupcake!!!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it! We have fun with it at my family events as well. The cake is so versatile and easy that it is hard not to use it :) .

  19. Diane Russell says:

    This giant cupcake pan was my birthday cake and present. My daughter has some difficulty and I have tryed it again and still had problems. I was very disappointed with the lack of any instuction that came with this pan! ( I expected better from Wilton)the only thing my box says is “10 cup capacity”. It seems there is more then 1 of these giant cupcake pans. Mine came in a box #2105-5020. Is that the same pan you used in the video? I did find the video helpful and hope to master the giant cupcake before my grandaughter’s birthday.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your frustration. I’m glad the video provided some insight. The pan that you received is the same pan that I used in the video. You will need to put 2 1/2 cups of batter in the cone shape part of the pan and 3 1/2 cups of batter in the part of the pan that will be your bottom when baked.

      Additionally, I spoke with the product manager for this item and she indicated there are instructions included in the box your pan came in. Due to human error it could have been missed in your box and, if that is the case, we are extremely sorry. I would be more than willing to send you a new set of instructions via e-mail if would like.

  20. Pamela Farris says:

    This will be my first try using the pan for my daughters birthsay and my pan did not come with instructions. The pan says non-stick, do I need to use spray? Also I have heard the top due to the less amount of batter cooks faster than the top any ides as to how to have the cake cook evenly since it cannot come apart.


  21. Angie Thayer says:

    Your daughter will love this cake! My first recommendation is to watch the video up above as it answers all of your questions. However, I will also provide you with answers here. Yes, you will want to prepare the pan with a vegetable pan spray such as Wilton’s Bake Easy! Pan Spray or Wilton’s Cake Release works great too. In regards to your second question, as long as you put 2 1/2 cups of batter in the cone shape part of the pan and 3 1/2 cups of batter in the other half of the pan (which will be your bottom when baked) and then rotate the pan halfway through baking there should be no issues with uneven baking.

  22. Misty says:

    Can you use the top portion of this pan to make the top of a smaller cupcake by putting only a little bit of batter in it??

  23. Angie Thayer says:

    You could but you would have to monitor the baking time based on the amount of batter you used in the pan. With this method not only do you have to monitor the cake while baking but you can only make one top at a time. My personal recommendation would be to use Wilton’s Dimensions® Multi-Cavity Mini Ice Cream Cones Pan. It gives you the same effect that seems to be what you are looking for but in a more precise and time efficient manner. Here is the link to the product to give you a better idea of what the product looks like:

  24. Misty says:

    Thank you… FYI that product is discontinued.

  25. Conni says:


    Hi! This item says it IS Discontinued as Misty said in the Link you posted for the item. Wilton should remove that and it would probably help in sales :}

    Thanks Bunches!

  26. Terri says:

    I am thinking of covering the bottom of this cake with fondant for a change. Would the Quick Pour fondant recipe work or is the surface too big? Any tips would be great!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I spoke with our Test Kitchen for confirmation but they believe it would be difficult to use the quick pour fondant to cover the base. Since the base is slightly larger at the top you wouldn’t be able to cover all parts of the cake. If you turned the bottom of the cake over it might work but then you have the dilemma of flipping it back over and leaving fingerprints in the icing. Additionally, you may have to cover the cake several times to get the look you want since the quick pour fondant is a thinner icing.

      You could always leave the bottom plain and just ice the “cone” part of the cupcake. Or, there are several ideas on Wilton website. Here is a link to give you some ideas:

  27. Maddie says:

    I am wanting to make one of these for my boyfriend.
    I want to ice the cake using a star shaped tip and a piping bag any idea what sizes i should use im guessing a large one would be best.
    Im 19 and I wouldnt say baking was something im very good at. is this a simple enough task to do at home?

    • Roxanne says:

      I used an off-set spatula to ice the top portion of the cupcake and then decorated it with random stars using the largest star tip. It turned out lovely… as opposed to the first time i tried to ice it using a piping tip and bag. NOT fun and took forever. HTH.

  28. Melanie says:

    I will be using this giant cupcake pan for the first time for my sons 4th birthday… I have been reading a lot and it says to use a pound cake recipe which does not seem to go very good with a huge amount of fondant and butter-cream frosting like the idea I am wanting to follow with the birthday bear idea as shown here… while I am sure my kids would love a chocolate pound cake the one recipe here calls for coffee… I rather not use coffee at all for a childrens cake… I would like to have a relatively easy pound cake or other cake recipe that will work with the pan and also go nicely with the frosting…

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Melanie, I have made the giant cupcake several times and each time I use the pound cake recipe from the Duncan Hines website. You’ll use 2 boxes of cake mix, 2 boxes (3.4 oz each) of instant pudding (use chocolate pudding if you are doing a chocolate cake and Vanilla pudding for a yellow cake), 4 large eggs, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Follow the directions as you would on the back of the cake box. You’ll have some leftover batter so make cupcakes as the favor treat. Wilton’s chocolate pound cake recipe that you refer to in your post above would be perfect too. The coffee is optional so you can just eliminate it from the recipe with no adjustments to the other ingredients.

      In regards to your concern about the fondant, buttercream and pound cake combination, don’t worry as they taste very well together. Good luck and feel free to share your final cake with us. We’d love to see it!

      • Melanie says:

        My cake is now in the oven… I have some free time this week as my two boys 2 and a half and 4 are away for a week with the grandparents so I thought that I would make a test run with this cake while I had relative peace and quiet… I still have my 9 month old daughter at home with me… I used the double pound cake recipe exactly as it is on the website as my test run and it is currently in the oven… 2 points… I live in Switzerland and buying a cake mix like in the states is just not an easy option… sure there is an online shop which carries them but they are 2-3 times more expensive… also my oven has a fan in it… normally when using this function for whatever recipe the usually state to turn the heat down by 10 degrees * Celsius* and perhaps a slight decrease in time… I have my cake in at 150 Celsius with the fan on and am planning to turn it at the halfway point *30 minutes* I worry about the cake falling if I turn it but it seems to be ok… I will post again later to update you on the result… any other cake recipes without the use of a box mix would be appreciated…

      • Amy S. says:

        I’m about to make this cake and in your Duncan Hines Recipe do you only use 1 cup of water and 1/3 of oil? Because when I look on the site I found same recipe for 1 box of cake mix, 1 box of pudding, 4 eggs, 1 cup water, and 1/3 cup of oil. So I guess my question is…If there are 2 boxes of cake mix used shouldn’t the rest of the ingredients be doubled from what you posted?

        • Beth Somers says:

          Hi Amy,

          Yes, you are correct. For two boxes of cake mix, you will need to double the water, eggs, oil, and pudding mix.

  29. Haley says:

    Could you share the recipe that you used? I was amazed at how sturdy the cake seemed and how well you handled it. My cakes always crumble and I can NEVER pick them up like that.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      This pan works best with any pound cake recipe. For this video I used the pound cake recipe from the Duncan Hines box. However, I believe they have removed that recipe from the box but you can find it on their website. It uses 1 – 3.4 oz box of instant pudding, 4 eggs (versus the traditional 3) and 1 cup of water (versus the traditional 1 1/3 cups) for every cake box mix. Wilton also has a great Chocolate Pound Cake recipe ( that will work great too. Enjoy!

  30. Alethea Baldwin says:

    Please could anyone tell me if i can do a fruit cake in this mould as i would like to make a christmas cake,thankyou.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Unfortunately, we haven’t tested this type of cake in the pan so I can’t guarantee it will work perfectly. If you do try it, let us know how it works…we love to hear success stories!

  31. Sarah says:

    I have a question about the Duncan Hines pound cake mix you use ( you stated above that “You’ll use 2 boxes of cake mix, 2 boxes (3.4 oz each) of instant pudding (use chocolate pudding if you are doing a chocolate cake and Vanilla pudding for a yellow cake), 4 large eggs, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Follow the directions as you would on the back of the cake box”). Does this mean that you follow the directions on the box (i.e. each box calls for 3 eggs) and then add an ADDITIONAL 4 eggs as mentioned above, thus using 10 eggs total for the two boxes?? Or do you combine the two boxes and use 4 eggs TOTAL for the whole recipe?

    • Sarah says:

      or is it 8 eggs total—4 for each box??

      • Angie Thayer says:

        I’m sorry if there was some confusion. Cake boxes used to include their pound cake recipe on the side of the box but many of them have since revised their packaging and only have the recipe on their website. For clarification, for each box of cake mix used you will need to add 1 – 3.4 oz package of instand pudding, 4 large eggs, 1 cup of water and a 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. So, for this pan you will need to make 2 boxes of cake mix and, therefore, double the recipe.

  32. Julie says:

    Hello Angie,
    Thank you for all of your great feedback in this blog about the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan. I read through all of the posts but could not find one that gives the approximate dimensions of the Giant Cupcake after it is baked and removed/decorated. Would you be able to give me this information? As I am planning to make this cake for the topper of a wedding cupcake display and need to prepare.

    Thank you very much!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Sounds like a great wedding cake! The plain baked cupcake has a base of 5 inches in diameter and will be approximately 7 1/4 inches tall.

  33. chelsea says:

    Thanks ver y much for the demostration. I’ve benn trying to master the big cupcake for months. Can you tell where I can find that liquid stuff that you put in the pan before you pour the batter into

  34. Ashley says:


    Mine just came out of the oven! i made a candy-coated shell to put it in. This is for a shower on Sunday. My question is whether or not I should freeze it or keep it out until I frost it tomorrow night. I am going to put buttercream in between the layers and then plan on frosting it once it is in the candy-coated shell. What is your recommendation?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I would recommend letting the cupcake cool completely, wrap it up in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator until tomorrow. However, let it warm up to room temperature before adding the icing and putting it into the candy shell otherwise the shell will crack from the colder temperature. Additionally, do not put the candy shell in the refrigerator (or freezer) as that will cause cracking too. Have fun on Sunday! And, I’m sure everyone will love the cake!

  35. Ellie Brown says:

    I would love to make this giant cupcake for my daughter’s first birthday. I have seen pictures of this giant cupcake where the bottom half is lines with a paper cupcake cup just as the traditional sized cupcakes are. Do you know where I can find a giant cupcake cup that would fit the mold? Or do you know of a creative idea to create my own paper cup? What kind of paper would work best? Thank you very much!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I am not aware of any product/baking cup that you could purchase that would fit Wilton’s Giant Cupcake. I have seen some people make a colored candy shell using the pan and then insert the cupcake into the shell so it looks like a baking cup. If you decide to do the candy shell option you will need to slightly trim down the sides of the cupcake to fit into the shell. You could also take parchment paper and fold it to look like the accordion pleats in a regular baking cup and attached it to the side of the cake.

  36. Alena says:

    Thank you! I used a normal Duncan Hines cake mix and followed your instructions and the cake came out perfectly. Sooo adorable!

  37. Katie says:

    I was wondering do I have to use pound cake? I wanted to make the giant cupcake for my sons 1st birthday but I would like make a banana pudding cake or carrot cake basically something on the healthier side. If these type of cakes would work should I still cook it at the same temp. and time?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      My concern with these types of cakes is that they won’t hold the shape due to their high moisture content and when you try releasing it from the pan it will fall apart. My suggestion would be to buy a banana cake mix (I know, it isn’t as good as from scratch) and add banana pudding to the cake mix to form a pound cake, just as I’ve noted above in previous posts. You will have to adjust some other ingredients as well but at least you’ll still get the nice shape of the pan with less fat and banana flavoring.

  38. lor says:

    hi, sounds stupid but whats the ingredients you use? cant get the cupcake mix correct.

    • Beth Somers says:

      Hi Lor! You can make this cake using pound cake mixes or with regular cake mixes that are doctored up. Either way, you’ll need 2 full mixes in order to have enough batter to fill the cavities properly – 2 1/2 cups of batter in the cone shape part of the pan and 3 1/2 cups of batter in the other half of the pan.

      If you would like to use regular cake mixes instead of pound cake mixes, here’s what you do to each mix:

      Add 4 eggs instead of 3
      Add 1 small box (3.4 oz.) instant pudding mix (you can match the flavor to the cake mix, for example chocolate cake mix with chocolate pudding)
      1 cup water
      1/3 cup vegetable oil

      Mix all ingredients according to the instructions on the cake mix. Remember, you will have extra batter after you fill the cavities as instructed above. You can use that extra batter for regular sized cupcakes.

      • Tom Tigue says:

        Aloha, I’m about to make my neice a Giant Duncan Hines Banana Supreme Cupcake ( Birthday!)

        I understand that I should use 4 eggs and a 3.4 oz banana instant pudding to each box of Cake mix. So, should I use 1 cup water and 1/3 cup of vege oil – In Addition – to what the box mix calls for? If so, that would be 2 1/3 cups water and 2/3 cup of oil?
        Or, should I just add 4 eggs,3.4 oz. pudding, 1 cup water and 1/3 cup oil to each box of cake mix?

        Sorry if repetitive, but I’m kind of Old and in the Way now….

        • Angie Thayer says:

          Aloha! Your niece is going to love it! For each box of cake mix you need to add only 4 eggs, 3.4 oz of pudding, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Do not add these ingredients to what is called for on the box. What I noted is your new “recipe”. Please remember that this pan uses 2 boxes of cake mix so you’ll have to double the ingredients (e.g., your total recipe will include 2 boxes of cake mix, 2 – 3.4 oz boxes of pudding, 8 eggs, 2 cups of water, 2/3 cups of vegetable oil). Enjoy and good luck on the cake!

  39. Helen Panayi says:

    Dear Angie,

    Do you have recipe for a Type 1 Diabetic suitable for the Giant Cupcake Tin ? I live in Cyprus so I cannot get the packet mixes. If you do could it be in metric please.

    Thanks Helen

  40. [...] giant lemon berry cupcake (pan) turned flower bouquet topped with two fondant love birds. can i be a professional baker now? lol [...]

  41. Angie Thayer says:

    Unfortunately, we do not have a diabetic friendly recipe so you’ll need to monitor your portion sizes with a pound cake recipe. Below is a recipe from our website (Chocolate Pound Cake), that has been converted to metrics.

    * 2 teaspoons instant coffee (10 mL)
    * 1/2 cup boiling water (120 mL)
    * 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (60 g)
    * 3 cups all-purpose flour (360 g)
    * 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (2,5 mL)
    * 1/2 teaspoon baking powder (2,5 mL)
    * 1/4 teaspoon salt (1,25 mL)
    * 1 1/2 cups butter softened (360 g)
    * 2 cups granulated sugar (400 g)
    * 1/2 cup brown sugar firmly packed (90 g)
    * 4 eggs
    * 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (10 mL)
    * 1 cup sour cream (240 mL)
    * 1 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips (150 g)

  42. Dinah says:

    hi melanie,
    How did your cake turn out? im using a fan forced oven as well but kept to the suggested 160. Its past midnight here and i had to bake another cake as the first one didnt come out right. just came across this forum regarding the cake pan.

    - Dinah

    just finished baking, why does my cake have a brown crust? I made a red velvet cake. :(

  43. Marie says:

    Hello. I was wondering, when you say turn the pan halfway during baking, is their a certain position the pan should be in? Also, can I use the spray Pan to grease the pan instead?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      When putting the pan in the oven make sure the pan is at it’s longest from left to right (not front to back). I recommended turning it halfway because many ovens have uneven heating. In regards to pan sprays Wilton has a product called Bake Easy! which would work as well as the Cake Release. However, no matter what type of pan spray you use you will want to make sure every crevice is completely covered so that the cake doesn’t stick. I’ll be honest though, I’m an advocate for Cake Release as it works wonders!

  44. wendy phillips says:

    i have just bought a wilton pan for 4 cupcakes cannot find any recipes for it never baked cakes befor need help

  45. wendy phillips says:

    i bought it from hobby craft its called dimensions multi cavity cupcake pan it said its a 10cup capacity dot know what this means

    • wendy phillips says:

      you have the right picture but it does not mention mini and says it is ten cup i have checked this with there website. so i have bought a cup measure and it only holds six cups of water

  46. Angie Thayer says:

    It sounds like website that is promoting the Wilton pan has the wrong information listed. If you were to look at the Wilton website ( you would have the correct details. Since you have never baked before my recommendation is to buy a cake mix from the grocery store and follow the directions noted on the packaging. Make sure you have sprayed the pan well with a pan coating so that the cake doesn’t stick after baking. Then fill the cavities of the pan 1/2 to 2/3 full. Bake at 325 degrees F for 28-30 minutes. Cool in the pan for 20 minutes and then remove cake and cool the remaining amount of time on a cooling grid.

  47. Steph says:

    How are you ment to cut the cake when you are about to eat it, because i’m usually to scared to cut it in case I ruin it! Thanks!

    • Beth Somers says:

      Cutting a larger 3D cake is not too much different than cutting a multi-tier wedding or party cake. You start at the top and cut a “layer” horizontally across, place it to the side where you cut small individual servings. You work your way down the cake in this manner to the bottom. Another option is to completely remove the top part of the cake from the bottom and slice it into individual pieces. Followed by cutting the bottom part of the cake into pieces.

  48. Melissa says:

    I just found out that my son has a nut and egg allergy. I am going to use the giant cupcake pan to make his smash cake for his first birthday. Can you recommend a nut/egg free recipe for this pan? Thank you!

    • Beth Somers says:

      We don’t have a cake recipe, but you can find eggless/nutless cake mixes in many grocery stores and online. Or your could do something really different and fill the pan with flavored gelatin for a jiggly treat!

  49. eloise says:

    How long will a Giant Cupcake last? How far in advance can i bake it? I have a few orders for christmas but obviously i dont want to be doing a load of giant cupcakes on christmas eve and then delivering them out. x x

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You can treat it like any other cake. I like to freeze mine by wrapping it in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Then let it defrost in the refrigerator one day before you need to decorate it. I think it makes the cake more moist. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on my cakes (and I use a box mix many times).

  50. dontknowwhattodo says:

    hello, im 13 and have been obssesd so far with baking, i am thinking to make this cake in the wilton giant cupcake pan but over in the uk we have betty crocker cake mixes, would it be okay to use 2 cake mix boxes eg. 2 x betty crocker cake mixes , would it fall apart when i take it out of the cake mix? pleasee help!

    • dontknowwhattodo says:

      cake tin**

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You would follow the same recipe as I did with the Duncan Hines Cake Mixes. You will need to use 2 boxes of cake mix for this pan. For every box of cake mix you will need to add 1 – 3.4 oz box of instant pudding, 4 eggs (versus the traditional 3), 1 cup of water (versus the traditional 1 1/3 cups) and 1/3 cup vegetable oil. Good luck!

      • Tracey says:

        What temp and for how long would we bake theboxed cake with the variation of the recipe? Thanks!

        • Gretchen says:

          Hi, Tracey!
          Angie is out of the office this week, but asked me to answer your question. I’m the Test Kitchen Director here at Wilton.

          Bake the Giant Cupcake cake at 325 degrees F., for 60-65 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Allow the cake to cool in the pan 15-20 minutes; then remove the cake from the pan and cool completely.

          Happy Baking!

    • Supercalifragulisticexpalidosios says:

      I wonder why she hasn’t answered your question. :(

  51. Angie says:

    Hi Angie! I live in Denver, Colorado which means I’m in a high elevation area, & difficult to bake!
    I use Duncan Hines…usually I need to add between 1/2 – 1/3 cup flour, 1/4 cup oil & e eggs & have my oven at 350 as opposed to 375 (I find my baked goods bake to quickly & sometimes comes out dry).
    What do you recommend I do for the giant cupcake? I need to bake one for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday!
    Thank you,

    • Angie Thayer says:

      How exciting for your granddaughter! I made one for my daughter when she turned one too! Since we are not in a high altitude location we have not been able to test this product under those conditions, therefore, the information below is only recommendations. For more precise information, you may want to contact Colorado State University.

      If you are using a boxed mix, directions for high altitude are included on many manufacturer’s mixes.

      If a from-scratch recipe is being used, the general guidelines are:
      •Reduce baking powder 1/8 – ¼ teaspoon for each teaspoon called for in the recipe

      •Reduce sugar 1-3 tablespoons for each cup called for in the recipe

      •Increase the liquid 1-4 tablespoons for each cup called for in the recipe

      Oven temperature should be increased by 25 degrees (per guidelines)

  52. Sharon says:

    Hi Angie.
    I just have one question. How many servings does the giant cupcake provide for children and for adults?


  53. katie says:

    just got this pan from someone … no instructions…read the above to use pound cake, i found a from-scratch pound cake recipe that says to flour bundt pan… shall i flour the giant cupcake pan? thanks!

  54. Jennifer says:

    How many people does the giant cupcake pan serve?

  55. Sheena says:

    Hiya :)

    Just found this page and need a little advise. I live in the UK and would also be using a Betty Crocker cake mix – I was toying with the idea of 2 mixes; top half white cake and bottom chocolate or vice versa or maybe just all white cake or all chocolate, I’m not sure yet as I’ve never made this cake before! But anyway are the cake mixes the same here as sold in the USA? They should be right? So do I have to add anything to them to firm it up? Is it more or less a box per half of the cake? I see you mention instant pudding mix above. What’s that? I’m not sure I’ve seen anything called pudding mix in Tescos, but then I haven’t really looked either! Also what icing would you recommend using? Just any advise would be very helpful! Thanks!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You could definitely make half the cake one flavor and the other half another flavor. I personally would make the entire mix of both flavors and then bake cupcakes with the leftover batter (there are so many ideas to use with leftover cake). The Giant Cupcake turns out better when you adjust the ingredient amounts (e.g., egg, water and oil and add pudding mix) of the cake mix to make a firmer cake like pound cake. I’m not sure if the cake mixes sold in the US and UK are the same so I would highly recommend contacting Betty Crocker. At the same time, I would ask them the best way to make a pound cake with their box mix (in case it isn’t the same as that sold in the US).

      As for pudding mix, it is a box of powdered pudding that turns into thick pudding once milk is added and then refrigerated for a short period of time. Here is a link that provides you an example of the packaging sold in the US: I’m not sure if the UK carries this type of mix but another resource is to call Kraft who is a very large brand that sells products internationally.

      • Sheena says:

        Thanks for the help. I think instant pudding over here maybe called “Angel Delight” as it looks similar. BUT I’ve found Jello instant pudding mix on Amazon and I can have it shipped so I will do that! Probably a silly question, but does it have to be the same flavour as the cake? So chocolate cake uses choc pudding or could I use vanilla pudding and it work just as well? Or do they do a plain pudding flavour I should look for? Thanks!

        • Angie Thayer says:

          I’m so glad you were able to find the pudding mix online! You can use the vanilla pudding mix for either the chocolate or yellow cake but I wouldn’t recommend using chocolate pudding for a yellow cake as it would turn it a “muddy” color.

          • Sheena says:

            Me again! Got the pudding mix :) yay! Forgot to ask though… Do you just add the pudding packet straight in to the cake mix (so powder straight in to the cake batter) or make up the pudding mix as normal, leave to set for a bit and then fold it in?

            Thanks for all your help! :)

  56. Lia says:

    Hello, I’m looking for some decorating ideas for my sons 1st birthday for this giant cupcake. What products are available? Thank you!

  57. Blaire says:

    Help. I’m wanting to make a giant gingerbread cupcake for my bf birthday. Should I just double the recipe I have? And how long do they take to bake? I have a silicone 2 part mould

  58. mandy says:

    hi i am going to attempt my first giant cupcake for my daughters birthday, to grease the tin is it ok to use margarine plenty of it so cake doesnt stick, also any ideas to cover the base of the cake so its not just sponge showing


    • Jasmin says:

      Don’t use margarine, use shortening or Crisco to coat and then cover in flour. For the base, you can frost it and cover it in fondant or candy clay or sometimes I pipe lines using the basket weave tip. I’ve seen someone online make a candy shell using the pan as a mold for the base.

  59. Jodi says:

    Hi there, I will be using the Betty Crocker super moist white cake mix to make the giant cupcake. I was reading above the adjust the batter and you mentioned to use 4 eggs instead of 3. Is that the whole egg or just egg whites as used in mix?

    • Beth Somers says:

      Hi Jodi,

      This is Beth Somers in the Wilton test kitchen. Unfortunately, we haven’t done any testing to adjust a white cake mix, which usually calls for egg whites only. This adjustment does work well with yellow and chocolate cakes, especially if they do not already had pudding in the mix.

  60. Kris says:

    Anyone bake carrot cake in the giant cupcake pan?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I wouldn’t recommend using a carrot cake as there are many different recipes available for this type of cake and some are more moist than others. This pan requires a firm batter and if your carrot cake recipe is on the moister side it may not hold up when you try to take the cake out of the pan.

  61. Nola says:

    I’m just wondering if there is a pound cake recipe online. Or is a box mix just s good? I received this with out any instructions. Also should I get the cake release? Thank you for help

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Wilton has a few great pound cake recipes on the website. Here is a link to one of them, the Double Chocolate Pound Cake: However, if you are not comfortable or do not have the time to make a pound cake from scratch you can always use the box mix method. As for the cake release, it isn’t necessary but I have a personal preference for using it over the grease and flour method or other vegetable pan sprays.

  62. Patricia Fisher says:

    I followed the directions to make the Giant Cupcake in YOUR Giant Cupcake pan. The amounts didn’t look correct. I thought you should put more batter on the bottom instead of the top. THEN I look at your Wilton instructions on the internet here and find different amounts to place in the pans! Which one is correct. I’m waiting to see how this mess will turn out.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You are correct. There should be more batter in the bottom pan than the top. The information in this blog post is accurate. 2 ½ cups of batter should be poured into the cone shape part of the pan and 3 ½ cups into the other cavity (which will be the bottom part of cake). It may still look like a little more batter should be added but these amounts are accurate and tested. I am sorry for the confusion with the label.

  63. Vicki says:

    Wondering what people do for a wrapper for this cake??? Are there giant paper liners available? I’ve also read something about using candy melts… Any ideas? Thanks! Can’t wait to make a smash cake for my soon-to-be one year old son.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I used the Giant Cupcake for my daughter’s first birthday smash cake as well…it was almost as big as her but lots of fun! Whenever I make this cupcake I do not use baking liners, in fact, I feel that it takes away from the cake. You can easily bake it directly in the pan. If you have a specific theme for the party you can base your cupcake around it. For example, in the blog posting I displayed a photo of a barnyard or you could do a dog house or just a cupcake with a candle. The ideas are endless!

    • Liz says:

      I use the candy melts…melt them and coat the sides of the big side of this pan. I do a few layers so the shell is strong. You will need to trim the cake up so it fits in the “wrapper” but its really cute and easy.

    • Jasmin says:

      I frost and covered the base of one with fondant and it worked well. I saw somewhere (maybe in the Yearbook) that you can use folds of Sugar Sheets so that it looks like paper.

  64. Chantal says:

    Hi there,
    I have tried this twice now and failed both times. It seems the bottom part of the cake never bakes fully yet the other side is over baked. What exact recipe do you use? HELP!!!!!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I would make sure you are using the exact amount of batter that we recommend for the top and bottom (2 ½ cups of batter in the cone shape part of the pan and 3 ½ cups into the other cavity which will be the bottom part of cake). It may look like not enough batter but it is.

    • lori says:

      the same thing happened to me twice :(

      • sonia says:

        i have make this cke 3 x in 2 days and it never cooks right threw?!?!!?
        i have the stove at 325 and followed the cake mix ,baked for 1 hour turned it (don’t see why if it bakes evenly???) and again it failed!?!?! what am i don’t wrong???

        • Jamie says:

          Im also about to make this cake this morning… i think i might bake one part at a time so i can make sure they both get baked without burning the other.

          • megan says:

            I had the same issue. When the top was done I took tin foil and put it over the bottom part and flipped the top part out then let the bottom finish cooking.

  65. Nadine says:

    Hi there, i am about to make this cake for my daughter this weekend for the first time. Is a white chocolate mud cake considered a dense cake and suitable for this tin (using a boxed variety) or should I get the Betty Crocker pound cake mix. Do i have to add any extra ingredients to either of these? Thank you in advance.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Because I don’t have the recipe you are using nor have we tested it in our test kitchen I am unable to say with 100% confidence that this cake will work. Based on the online search I did for this type of cake it sounds like it is very moist which would be delicious but it concerns me that it may not hold up when released from the pan. If you have the time and want to try the cake out it could be fantastic, otherwise I would recommend opting for the pound cake.

    • LynnS says:

      i personally like to melt the chocolate and use the pan to make the mold for the “wrapper”. i did have to do a bit of carving to have the cake fit, but it was less time consuming then other options and it kept the ridges of the wrapper nicely. i did it in layers so it had time to set up in between. you just have to make sure the layers are evenly spread. on one there was a bit of a crack in the wrapper and i just took a ribbon and tied a bow around the wrapper to keep it from really splitting and that little touch made the look and i will do it again on my next one in a couple weeks.

  66. Lauren says:

    I’m planning on making this as a “Smash Cake” for my 1 year old. Will the pound cake you’re suggesting be too dense for her to get her hands into and eat?! Just wondering how it turned out for others?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I made this cake using the pound cake recipe for a cake box mix for my daughter’s smash cake and she had no trouble diving right in.

  67. Lesley Brown says:

    Do you need to bake the giant cup cake in the ‘tin’, then use a silicon mold to make a case with the candy melts?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I would recommend “painting” the cake with the Candy Melts. You’ll want to apply a thin layer of candy melts on the base of the cake. Let the Melts harden and then repeat the steps several times so that you have a thick shell. Your first couple of coats may have crumbs in them but after a few layers the crumb coat will not be visible.

      I recommend this approach because there is a chance that you can make the candy shell too thick when using the pan as your mold. Then the cake won’t fit into your shell that you spent so much time working on.

  68. Nancy Erdmann says:

    I’m making this for my sono’s girlfriend. She likes funfetti cake. Is there a denser funfetti cake recipe?

  69. cookies says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about hot to make cupcakes” “how to
    make cookies” “minecraft cupcakes. Regards

  70. Supercalifragulisticexpalidosios says:

    Hi. :D
    I am 11 and I love to bake and I wanted to bake something for my dad for fathers day. But I don’t know what to bake. Please can you help me. Thank you!!!

  71. Supercalifragulisticexpalidosios says:

    Can you please help me decide what I should make him.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Your dad will love a special treat from you. I recommend that you take a look at the following link on the wilton website for Father’s Day ideas: If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can link to projects for cookies, cupcakes, candy or cakes specifically for dads. Enjoy!

  72. kat says:

    I have question I have cake mix box but do I need TWO to make the giant cupcake??? im making it for tmrs birthday party

  73. Carolyn says:

    Hi, every recipe I have looked at that you recommend for pan says to use a different amount in top and bottom section. At first you say use 3 1/2 for bottom, 2 1/2 for top. But in the Double Choc Pound Cake recipe it says use 4 1/2 for top, rest for bottom. I know it should actually be 4 1/2 for bottom but that is a cup more than is recommended for any type of cake correct? And the Fairy Dust Pound Cake says use 4 in bottom, 3 in top. So should I use as much as it says for different recipes or stick to 3 1/2 in bottom 2 1/2 in top for any recipe I use?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I can easily see how that is confusing! The Fairy Dust Pound Cake was tested in our test kitchen so if you are using that recipe it is safe to use 4 cups in the bottom and 3 cups in the top cavity. For all other recipes, please use the 3 1/2 cups for the bottom and 2 1/2 cups for the top. I will have the test kitchen double check the Double Chocolate Pound Cake recipe that is noted on the Wilton website and make any changes as necessary. Thank you for pointing this out to us!

      • Carolyn says:

        Great, thanks for checking into this for me! I was going to use the Double Chocolate Pound Cake recipe for my husband’s birthday tomorrow but I may have to rethink it.

  74. JUAN ALVARADO says:

    Hi Angie,

    My daughter of 11 years is fascinated by the Giant Cupcake Pan. The small problem is that we live in Chile. I wonder if I could buy and bring from U.S. or another country, because is not here. Is that possible?Thank you


    • Michele says:

      Hi Juan, if you can’t find the pan in the store, you should try looking online. I use ALL the time. Safe bet you could buy if off of there or maybe even from Wilton’s website. Good luck!

  75. Rosario says:

    I just made the bottom half of the cupcake pan, which remained about an inch away from the top of the pan around the sides, with a center that has risen about three inches above the height of the pan. I am thinking about just adding frosting to it and not bothering to make the top part of the cupcake!! Has anyone tried doing this?? The reason why I want to do this is because I already did two other cakes (a giant donut and a giant cookie cake), and don’t want to have too much left over cake.
    What are the cons of doing this? In other words, might it not be high enough, for example?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      We’ve never tried this option in our kitchens as we recommend baking both sides of the pan at the same time. However, I don’t think you can go wrong either way as cake decorating is all about it being your work of art displaying your personality and what you like.

  76. Jordan says:

    Hi Angie I am making this cake tomorrow and I have 2 just regular yellow pilsbury cake mix. But I was wondering do I need to add any pudding to the cake mix? An do I need to set the oven to 325 still for an hour or can I just set it to 350 for 30 minutes? I am just wondering because if I do put the pudding mix in their will it take a long time to bake? Please answer ASAP!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      We highly recommend the pound cake version when using boxed cake mixes as it produces a more sturdy cake that will not fall apart when you take it out of the pan. Therefore, with the two cake mixes you will want to use two boxes of pudding mix (do not make the pudding but rather add the dry mix to the batter). You will also want to bake the cake at 325 for approximately 1 hour. If you increase the temperature the cake will be done on the outside but not on the inside. Enjoy your baking today!

  77. Sue says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for making my first attempt at a Giant Cupcake so easy. Everything came out perfect and both sides cooked evenly at the same time (was worried about this from the other post) I followed your cake mix recipe to the T except I used Pillsbury traditional mix instead of Duncan Hines. I placed my cake pan on a cookie sheet and positioned the bottom of the cake in the back of my oven and the top by the front. I don’t know if this mattered or not since it was my first time making it. Happy Giant Cupcake making everyone!!

  78. MacKenzie says:

    Hi, wondering if you have any recommendations for box cake mix to use to make a giant cupcake gender reveal cake.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You could color the cake mix pink or blue using Wilton Icing Colors. To disguise the colored cake just make sure you ice the bottom of the cake too! Or, some people have made “chocolate cups” using the Wilton Candy Melts.

  79. Roberta says:

    I have 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Super Moist yellow cake mix with pudding in the mix. Do I still add 2 boxes of pudding mix to it?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      We have not tested our Giant Cupcake Pan with that brand of cake mix. Therefore, I would recommend contacting Betty Crocker directly.

  80. Jennifer says:

    Dear Angie…

    I want to make this for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I have a family vanilla cake recipie that everyone loves and I wanted to use however it is not pound there any way I can get this recipie to work with this pan and if so what do I need to adjust or change?

    Thank you in advance :)

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Unfortunately, we cannot provide much assistance to your question since we have not tested your specific recipe in our pan.

  81. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering what you would recommend when using Pillsbury chocolate cake mix? Thank you! :)

    • Stephanie says:

      Do I use everything you have mentioned or do I just use the pudding is what I meant, sorry. :)

      • Angie Thayer says:

        You would need to modify the actual recipe on the box to what I’ve noted above. For every box of cake mix you will need to add 1 – 3.4 oz box of instant pudding, 4 eggs (versus the traditional 3), 1 cup of water (versus the traditional 1 1/3 cups) and 1/3 cup vegetable oil.

  82. Jennifer says:

    I wanted to use this pan to make a mushroom house for a Smurf themed 10th birthday for my daughter. She is allergic to eggs, do you have any suggestions for a recipe that doesn’t use eggs. I’ve noticed most recipes I’ve tried tend to be on the moister, crumbly side.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Since there are no chemical leaveners (baking powder/soda) in traditional pound cake, eggs provide lift and structural stability. Removing the eggs may produce a less dense cake. However, try one of the following options to replace one egg:

      1/4 cup of pureed silken tofu

      1/4 cup mashed fruit (banana or applesauce) but increase leavening by 25-50%

      1 tsp baking soda and 1 tbsp vinegar

      1 tsp flaxseed powder with ¼ cup water – whisked/blended together

      I would recommend experimenting with the silken tofu substitute first as it will provide the density and moistness needed for a pound cake. In another blog post of mine, “Reducing fat in your baked goods recipes”, one person commented on how well she loved using tofu as a replacement but that some may find it a little beany in flavor. Give a few of them a try to see which one provides the results closest to your likings.

      • Linda Z says:

        Has anyone thought of Chia seeds as a binder. The gel formed when they are mixed with water can be subbed for butter but I wonder if they would help bind the cake without messing up the cake.

  83. Laura Crawford says:

    I am making a giant cupcake cake for someone and have to transport it. I cannot find a cake box large enough to fit it. The only ones I have found online have to be shipped from overseas to get a small quantity of boxes. Do you have suggestions for where to get a box to fit it or how to transport it?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      We sell many of our cake boxes at Michaels, JoAnn’s, Walmart and Party City. I would recommend calling your local store to see if they have them in stock. As an fyi, many times the sides of the boxes are not tall enough so you will have to tape the top of the box up so it doesn’t bump into your cake. If you are concerned about the area that is still open you could always lay a piece of plastic wrap over the top.

  84. Marcy says:

    I just made a “trial” for my son’s upcoming smash cake photos and I LOVE this pan. I just used boxed chocolate fudge mix and it turned out great. I am a little disappointed that Wilton does not make boxes or even a cake carrier for this product. It’s a popular trend among cake smashes and it would be nice to be able to transport it relatively worry free (not sure how I’m going to get it to where it needs to go in one piece)

  85. Melissa says:

    Do you have any tips for making a gluten free giant cupcake? I bought this pan to make a cake for my daughter’s first birthday but it needs to be GF. I can buy a GF cake mix but i can’t use the instant pudding that is suggested. Thank you!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Since we have not conducted any testing in our test kitchen on gluten free mixes or recipes in this pan I would suggest checking out the King Arthur Flour or Bob’s Red Mill websites as both have recipes for pound cake. Some are made starting with their gluten-free mixes and add ingredients (not pudding mix) to give you a pound cake structure.

  86. Reggina says:

    Hello. I am making a jumbo cupcake for my sons 1st birthday as his smash cake. I am so excited to make this cake!! However I have concerns with all the back and fourth issues and different directions. I purchased the pillsbury moist supreme devils food cake mix with pudding already added into the mix. Is this mix ok to use? Please help his birthday is this Thursday the 22nd and I want to make sure it turns out!! Thank you!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      How exciting! I would recommend contacting Pillsbury to find out if their mixes with the pudding produce a pound cake like product or if they have suggestions on how to make a more sturdier cake using their mixes.

  87. Lauren Wright says:

    So I’m a little confused about using a different box mix for this cake pan. I bought 2 boxes of the Betty Crocker super moist “butter recipe yellow” cake mix. How do I need to prepare this cake so it’s not too moist and won’t fall apart? I’m needing to make one for my sons smash cake pictures this Friday.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      To try and clear up the confusion, this cake pan produces better results when using a pound cake type recipe. When using a boxed mix, most do not contain pudding in the mix, therefore, we recommend adding it as it can produce a denser cake. This gets a little confusing now that Pillsbury offers a cake mix that already contains pudding in the mix. We have not conducted any internal testing with this type of cake mix so we have recommended consumers to contact Pillsbury to determine if more pudding needs to be added to the mix to make a denser cake similar to pound cake. For the cake mix you are describing, I would recommend contacting Betty Crocker, as again, we have not tested this mix with this pan. Or, I always use Duncan Hines cake mixes and follow the directions noted above in the original blog. I know it is an extra trip to the store but at least you can be confident in the fact that it has been tested not only in the Wilton test kitchen but me personally with perfect results.

  88. Sarah says:

    Greetings fellow Smash Cake friends,
    I am making my daughters first birthday cake and want to make it perfectly, so I am doing some test runs before.
    Does anyone have any sugar free, wheat free recipes for the cake part? I decided I will make an organic version of butter cream frosting for her. Can’t totally eliminate sugar! Feels very ‘un’American! ;)

  89. Amy Salaba says:

    Hi Angie,

    I am going to attempt to make this giant cupcake for my daughters first birthday “cake smash” and I am going to use two boxes of the chocolate Duncan hines cake mix as you advice. I just want to clarify a few things… Do I need to add any other ingredients to the cake mix? I watched your video and I was not sure if you added anything to the mix or if you just followed the exact directions on the box!

    Thanks for your help!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You will want to adjust the recipe slightly so the cake is more sturdy like a pound cake. You will need to use 2 boxes of cake mix for this pan. For each box of cake mix you will need to add 1 – 3.4 oz box of instant pudding, 4 eggs (versus the traditional 3), 1 cup of water (versus the traditional 1 1/3 cups) and 1/3 cup vegetable oil. Enjoy the birthday party (and all the ooohhs and ahhhs you’ll get over the cake!)!

  90. Patricia Saavedra says:

    I have a question using the Double Chocolate Pound Cake recipe. I’ve used this recipe a few times and have issues with the cooling times. The first time I waited the 15 minutes and when I removed the cake from the pan it fell apart. The next couple of times I actually waited about 30 minutes and it seemed better. The last time I actually let it completely cool in the pan. Do you have any ideas as to why this recipe would cause this to happen? I’ve had this same problem with the 3D bear pan. It seems the chocolate pound cake isn’t as sturdy as a regular pound cake.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      I spoke to the Wilton Test Kitchen and they had the following comments:

      •If the weather or house is warm, the cake might not cool enough to release properly. A good guide to use is if the cake begins to pull away from the sides of the pan then it is a good time to remove from the pan.
      •The cake should never be cooled completely in the metal pan – sugars will adhere to the sides of the pan and it won’t release.

      Also, make sure the pan is greased thoroughly. I like to use Wilton’s Cake Release, not just for this pan but all of my baking pans as it truly works well.

  91. Peggy says:

    I would like to use the pan for corn bread muffin for my granddaughters 1st birthday. Does anyone know if I should change the quantity in each side of the ban?

  92. Debbie says:

    I wondered if you can recommend recipes for a homemade buttercream frosting for the giant chocolate pound cupcake recipe, and for the giant fairy dust pound cupcake. Would appreciate one in a vanilla and one in a chocolate in amounts that would work for the giant cupcake! Thanks

    • Angie Thayer says:

      The Wilton website has homemade buttercream icing recipes for both a white and chocolate. Each recipe makes approximately 3 cups of icing. You can check them out here:
      White Buttercream Icing ( Buttercream Icing (

      • Debbie says:

        Thank you Angie! You recommend 3 cups of icing? Would that be enough to cover not only the top, but some of the layer between the bottom and top of the cupcake? Also, has anyone tried to bake the bottom layer with jam in the middle – so that when you cut into it, you have a “filling” of jam? If so, how much jam do you recommend? I’m thinking that raspberry jam would go really well in the middle! Thank you again!! :)

        • Angie Thayer says:

          The amount of icing depends on the type of decorating you plan on doing for the top. To be on the safe side I recommend doubling the batch. It’s better to have more than not enough (and, saves time in the long run). As for the jam filling, you would not want to add it prior to baking. Fillings are typically done after the cake is baked. I would recommend using the jam filling between the top and bottom layers of the cake as you would with a typical two layer cake. You will want to make a dam of icing around the edge of the cake to “hold” in the jam from leaking out.

  93. Nati says:

    My giant cupcake is not cooked in the center, the toothpick comes out wet, and almost an hour.

  94. laura says:

    I plan on using this giant cupcake as my daughter’s first birthday cake! (I can’t wait to see her face at the cupcake and her first bite of sugar!) I was planning on using a make-from-scratch recipe for pumpkin-chocolate cake since her birthday is in the fall- and this cake is soooo yummy. I’ve read the Q&A tread above, and it discusses a firm cake, could I use this recipe? Also, would I still need to add the pudding if it has 1c pumpkin and buttermilk in it?

    Thanks for your time and ideas!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      The recipe does sound and look delicious! However, because we have not tested this particular recipe in our test kitchen we cannot provide guidance as to whether or not this recipe could be considered a pound cake. I would recommend contacting country living to see if they can advise on the type of cake the recipe produces. If they say a pound cake then I would do a trial run with the cake and pan. If it turns out, freeze it and pull it out of the freezer one day prior to decorating it.

  95. laura says:

    Thanks for the info. However, I was referring to the Large one, item # 2105-5038 or this one;

    How many does this Large on feed?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      The large one you refer to in your link is the same one I am demonstrating in this blog and will feed 10-12 people.

  96. Kaylee says:


    I bought two Betty Crocker pound cake box mixes to use for this pan. Should I follow the directions on the box, or should I still add the pudding, extra egg, etc? I just want to make sure I understand. If I was going to use a regular box mix (such as devil’s food or white) I would add the additional ingredients you mentioned above to make the cake dense enough right? Thanks for your help. I plan to make this cake for my daughter’s first birthday!

  97. Angie Thayer says:

    We have not tested the Betty Crocker Pound Cake Mix for this pan, however, I have noticed other people who have blogged about using two boxes of this mix and it worked out perfectly in the pan. When using the pound cake mix you would not need to add the extra ingredients that I noted above. You would only do so when using a regular cake mix (you have understood everything correctly :) ). As a side tip, if you wanted to change the color of the cake you could always add icing color to the raw batter before baking to match the theme of the party or add some flavoring. Have a great time at the birthday party!!!

  98. Chelsea says:


    I quickly scanned the comments & hope I didn’t miss what I was looking for, but I was wondering if it is possible to use this cake pan with a “healthy smash cake,” recipe. Being that the recipe is basically banana bread like? Any pointers or should I just use this mould for the party guests with a different recipe & make the birthday girl a different shape? Ha ha!

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Unfortunately, because we haven’t tested your recipe in our pan I can’t guarantee it will work. My best suggestion is to do a trial run and if the recipe works you can freeze the cake and defrost it the day before you want to decorate it.

  99. jenna says:

    Any good dairy-free/egg-free/peanut-free cake mix recipes? Such as the crazy cake, good to use with this giant cupcake pan. Would I follow the same instructions?

  100. Amy says:

    My son is not a big fan of cake, but he loves my chocolate chip banana nut muffins. Last night he said he wished he could just have a gigantic muffin for his birthday cake. Do you think a muffin mix could work in this pan. The muffin is very heavy and dense.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Without knowing the recipe and testing it I can’t say for sure it will work. My initial concern is that the chocolate chips will sink to the bottom.

  101. Tere says:

    I need a recipe for yellow cake to bake this giant cupcake

    • Angie Thayer says:

      You can make a pound cake from scratch or use a yellow cake mix along with the appropriate ingredient proportions as noted above in the blog. If you do a search on the Wilton website you will find recipes for the following pound cake flavors (all yellow in color): lemon, eggnog, confetti, white chocolate. You just have to make sure you have enough cups of the batter to fill the giant cupcake which means it may require two batches of batter.

  102. I was wondering if there is a container out there to transport the cupcake cakes in?

  103. bibi says:

    can i make this into a red velvet cake?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Absolutely! Just remember to make it as a pound cake as you will need the firmness in order to hold the cake together. There are several red velvet pound cake recipes available on the internet or you could try the Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix and use the instructions noted above in the blog for a pound cake version. If you need to add more red coloring, use some of Wilton’s No Taste Red Icing Color.

  104. Jessie Johnson says:

    Is there a giant cupcake container out there somewhere??? I’m having trouble transporting.

    • Angie Thayer says:

      We sell many of our cake boxes at Michaels, JoAnn’s, Walmart and Party City. I would recommend calling your local store to see if they have them in stock. As an fyi, many times the sides of the boxes are not tall enough so you will have to tape the top of the box up so it doesn’t bump into your cake (similar to a tent). If you are concerned about the area that is still open you could always lay a piece of plastic wrap over the top. Another option, as noted in a comment above by Christine Pollak, is to use inverted rubbermaid containers of various sizes for your cakes.

  105. Johnb425 says:

    Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, let alone the content! gbddkcgegafg

  106. […] take longer, but you don’t have to worry about over-baking. Or, as someone suggested here, only pour the batter into the bottom part and cook for 10-15 minutes, before pouring the rest of […]

  107. […] take longer, but you don’t have to worry about over-baking. Or, as someone suggested here, only pour the batter into the bottom part and cook for 10-15 minutes, before pouring the rest of […]

  108. Donna Whiteside says:

    Is it possible to do the melted chocolate in the bottom pan like you can do in the silicon pan?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      Yes, you can use the Wilton Candy Melts and Giant Cupcake Pan for making a Chocolate shell. You would use the same process as you would “painting” a silicone mold. If you plan on putting the Giant Cupcake inside the shell you may have to trim the cake a bit depending on the recipe.

  109. […] If you’re a beginner baker or cupcake decorator go on Wilton’s website and they have so many amazing ideas and tutorials for baking and decorating; like this one for making the giant cupcake: […]

  110. […] was perusing the kitchen items at the local Goodwill the other day when I discovered the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan. I hit the jackpot! Not only was it only $4.99 and in great condition, but I love all things […]

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  112. Cynthia Kennedy says:

    I have made this cupcake cake several times and love it! However, I made it for a friend and needed to transport but could find a cake box big enough to handle this cake. Any suggestions as to where I can find a box? Whether in stores or online? Thanks

    • Angie Thayer says:

      We sell many of our cake boxes at Michaels, JoAnn’s, Walmart and Party City. I would recommend calling your local store to see if they have them in stock. As an fyi, many times the sides of the boxes are not tall enough so you will have to tape the top of the box up so it doesn’t bump into your cake. If you are concerned about the area that is still open you could always lay a piece of plastic wrap over the top.

  113. Barbara Maccio says:

    My daughter purchased the Giant Cupcake Mold at BBB, we used it several times and it was horrible every single time we had an issue releasing it from the pan. She had paid $30 for it and when I returned it to BBB they only gave us $16 (because they were on sale and in fact they didn’t have any others in the store). Feeling Ripped Off :(

  114. Karen Schwab says:

    I am baking this right now for the first time, praying it turns out. My question is how you arrived at 12 servings for this cake? I do my serving size based on the Wilton chart and according to that 6 cups of batter is equilavent to a 10 inch cake or 28 servings, no?

  115. Karen Schwab says:

    I am baking this right now for the first time, praying it turns out. My question is how you arrived at 12 servings for this cake? I do my serving size based on the Wilton chart and according to that 6 cups of batter is equilavent to a 10 inch cake or 28 servings, no?

    • Angie Thayer says:

      The twelve servings for this cake is based on cutting the entire cake (both layers) vertically so that your guests will have cake from both the top and bottom layers. That way, if you used one flavor for the top and one for the bottom your guests would be guaranteed a taste of both.

      • Karen Schwab says:

        Thanks for your reply, so that would be a very big piece of cake then :-) Makes sense. So I think it would be safe to tell my customers that this cake would feed about 20 ppl then if they do average size pieces? BTW it turned out great, thanks so much for the instructions! If I could post a pic I would :-)

  116. […] How to Make a Giant Cupcake – Wilton Blog – Ideas from Wilton – … especially with desserts! Wilton offers a Giant Cupcake Pan that makes a cake you can use for any celebration … The reason why I want to do this is because I already did two other cakes (a giant donut and a giant cookie … We sell many of our cake boxes at Michaels, JoAnn … […]

  117. Candice says:

    This cake pan is horrible. I am an avid baker. I’ve baked wedding cakes, cheesecakes, pound cakes, ALL cakes lol! I will never bake using this pan again. I measured my ingredients out properly. It took the top about 1 hr 15 minutes to cook (had to finagle it out before the bottom) and the bottom almost 2 HOURS!!! My sister in law HAD to have this cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday, so that is the only reason I made it to begin with. Cake’s just aren’t mean to be made that deep in one pan, in my opinion. At least with a pound cake or other deep cakes there is a metal core in the middle. I wish I had had my heating cores with me. The cake turned out fine, but it was way more trouble than it’s worth IMO.

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